Bether (linettasky) wrote in ourlookingglass,

a rough recollection

From the trials and tribulations of Vera comes the answer to world hunger.

Vera: I can't look at the picture of this kitty I'm trying to download!
Jenn: Oh! You might have to look at one of the other pictures of kittens on the internet!
Vera: [Reads the message the Internet gives her about the page not loading.]
Jenn: Oh noes!
Vera: I have a feeling you're not taking me seriously.
Jenn: It's a very serious problem not being able to look at the kitties you want. Much like world hunger.
Vera: If we gave everybody in the world a kitten, there'd be less world hunger. Kittens don't have much meat on them.
Jenn: Yeah, but it's something. Even a little bit helps.
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