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He has a point.

Jenn is wearing slightly weird clothes and weirder makeup because it is flash-back-to-high-school day at the Looking Glass House, by which we mean for Jenn and Vera only, or possibly also Beth. Jonathan is getting ready to go back to work, where he had an allergic reaction yesterday.

Jonathan: And now I'll go and feel awful again, so that I can go feel awful again tomorrow.
Jenn: (putting the finishing touches on her eyeliner) God, you're depressing.
Jonathan: Hey, you're the one pretending it's still high school.

In honor of Flash-Back-to-High-School Day, we present an online game, called the Party Like It's 1999 Party. Everyone's invited! Comment and tell us what you'd be doing at a party with all of us if it was 1999, and you were yourself then.

I'll start: I'd be sitting in the corner, falling asleep every five minutes and then looking up dully and grumbling angrily about the patriarchy. I'd speak almost exclusively to women, and everyone would have to come to me because I'd be too tired to move. I'd be wearing lots of metal and eyeliner, pretending to be butch, and I'd probably have a panic attack and leave quietly to spend the rest of the night locked in the bathroom. Oh yeah, and I'd have long sleeves and braces.

What about you?
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